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AI: Bable Revisited

by | Nov 21, 2023 | computer, data, Technology | 0 comments

There has been a lot in the news lately concerning Artificial Intelligence and not all of it good. Now proponents of this potentially promising technology offer a litany of things it will do for mankind – even enslave or eliminate it.

Science has proven itself to be as subject to fraud as has most everything else in history. We’re still trying to unravel the truth about COVID-19 and the wonders LGBTQ could provide. But perhaps the most compelling is the World Economic Forum or Great Reset we also hear about. Using the term “Metaverse,” the Davos’ Daredevils say it is the tool to transition mankind to a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world. What could be neater than that, other than the second coming of Jesus Christ?

Though most of us would agree that the digital age has made improvements in some of the things that trouble our world, but it always seems to come with a price. Known as 4RI (fourth industrial revolution), it has provided industry more accurate and precise details in its development of products. The once vaunted and feared ICBM missile, which would go up and come back down somewhere near the intended target – sometimes – now has the technology to take out someone standing on his front porch, while leaving most of the porch intact.

But weapons of war have also pioneered technology that also took men to the moon. Sending men to the moon then morphed into sending robots to mars and space probes beyond the solar system. AI has even given medicine a better tool at diagnosing and suggesting treatment more accurately than one’s doctor; however, the doctor is still the one licensed to prescribe the medicine – but for how long?

Therein lies the rub, at what point will AI fail to step aside and defer to a human to make the final choice? Will machine be made capable to defy man – the machine’s creator?

Thousands of years ago, men were also smart at constructing things and tried to build a tower to reach heaven. The idea was to reach God’s front porch and say, “Hey, God, we don’t think you’re doing such a hot job up here.” But God, being the know-it-all that He is, headed off the entire scheme.

He confounded those engineering wizards and caused them to speak in languages that made it impossible for them to understand each other. Now, these were folks born shortly after a devastating flood and they knew God meant business when He put His mind to it. So, they all went off in different directions to live happily ever after, which didn’t last very long.

Men could still build towers, but other men jealous of such accomplishments learned how to bring down those towers well before they reached heaven.

If one uses the technology available to go online to see what the WEF talked about this year, it is AI and the amazing future it has planned for us.

“Fear not,” the Lord says, “for thinking themselves wise they became fools.”

Man’s imagination of what this advanced technology can do has made him think of himself as god-like. God-like enough to create a creature as amazing as the one God created in the Garden of Eden. But there’s one big flaw. That man He created fell from grace and AI cannot change that.