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COVID 666_Assignment Beijing_Part 9

by | Dec 26, 2023 | COVID, Pandemic, Public Health | 0 comments

At the receptionist counter of the Science Park, agents Woodrow Cade (Red) and Dr. JJ (Gray) identified themselves and announced their meeting with Dr. Wan Trang. The host behind the counter made a brief telephone call and after a short wait a smartly dressed man approached.

Dr.’s Katari and Brown, how good of you to come,” said the man. “I am Dr. Wan Trang at your service. Please, follow me to my office.”

The three men entered an elevator and were whisked up one floor to a hallway containing several doors. They went through one of the doors and entered a small lobby, with a larger door behind it.

“Gentlemen, have a seat,” Dr. Trang said, waving his hand toward two chairs in front of the lobby desk. Trang then slipped into the chair behind the desk.

The two agents looked at one another wondering why there wasn’t a receptionist, and why they weren’t led into the back office.

“Cade, JJ, I am Agent KH,” Dr. Trang said. “I know this seems strange, but this lobby is more secure than the office behind me. The Chinese Communist Party is rapidly encroaching on Hong Kong, and we can’t be too careful.”

The agents said nothing while taking in the strange sequence of events.

“Tomorrow, you two will be on your way to Beijing. I will need your passports to update them. It will give you greater range to travel about China’s mainland.”

The two men presented their passports and Agent KH stamped and notarized them both. Handing back the passports, Trang continued speaking.

“We cannot risk giving you anything written, so listen carefully,” Agent KH said. “You will have adjoining rooms at the China World Summit Wing Hotel in Beijing. I doubt you will be there long.

“You will be approached by someone identifying themselves as a welcoming service using the code “Miharu Cherry tree blossoms this spring.” Respond with “It is my favorite time of the year in Fukishima.

“I cannot tell you what you will learn from your contact because I do not know. But she is our very best agent in China and will tell you everything you need to know to proceed.

“With that, I will show you around this magnificent facility. It is necessary to allay any suspicions as to the nature of your visit here.”

“What exactly do you do here, KH?” Woodrow asked.

“Just this and I what I learn here. That is then fed back to Rogues Manor and the Manor disseminates it as necessary,” KH responded. “Shall we,” he said, rising from behind his small desk and extending his hand in the direction of the door from which they came in.

The tour was thorough, although many areas were off limits. Like tourists, the two agents took in the sights and marveled at the enormity of the facility. After the tour, Trang bid them farewell and the two returned to where their limo was parked; however, the conveyance did not look the same.

An unfamiliar chauffeur emerged and approached them, as the agents braced themselves for what might be about to happen.

“Dr.’s Katari and Brown?” the driver asked.

“That’s us, who are you?” Cade queried.

“I am your limo driver. The hotel sent me here to pick you up,” the chauffeur responded.

“And take us where?” JJ quizzed.

“Back to the Hotel Sheraton, unless you prefer to visit somewhere else,” the driver said, with a puzzled look.

“What happened to our previous driver?” Cade questioned.

“I don’t know of any previous driver,” the confused chauffeur replied. “The hotel just received a call that a limousine was needed at the Science Park to pick up a Dr. Katari and Dr. Brown. That is the two of you, isn’t it?”

“Are you packing?” Agent Red remarked, still eyeing the chauffeur suspiciously.

“Packing? I don’t understand,” said the befuddled man.

“Yes, packing a wea …” Woodrow started.

“Packing for our trip to the mainland,” JJ cut in. “I think my fellow doctor thought you might be taking us to the airport, and we haven’t packed yet. Yes, we need to be getting back to the hotel. Please, lead the way.”

Without further ado, the two agents were given a comfortable, albeit mystifying, ride back to their hotel.

To be continued …