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COVID 666: Meeting with WHO

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Public Health, Russia | 0 comments

After a comfortable night spent in the Hotel Le Armures, Woodrow Cade and Dr. JJ had an early breakfast before returning to their rooms to get ready for a visit to the headquarters of the World Health Organization to meet with WHO Director-General Tag Hebreyesus and unexpected Silicon Valley guest Phil Bates.

After stepping onto the curb in front of Hotel Le Armures, a limousine pulled up and the two “Russian journalists” climbed in. After arriving at WHO Headquarters, the two men were escorted into the building where security examined their credentials. The lobby was busy with men and women in white lab coats shuttling between elevators. There were dignitaries from various countries entering and departing, and security personnel standing by each door.

A guard escorted them to an elevator that took the men to the top of the building. After exiting the elevator, the guard had them wait while he approached an attractive receptionist sitting behind a large desk adorned with several computer monitors.

“She looks like my type,” Cade whispered to Dr. JJ, while eyeing the receptionist. “I think I may ask her to dinner.”

“I wouldn’t,” Dr. JJ said, stepping aside to let two men in lab coats enter the elevator.

“Why not?” Cade asked, out of the corner of his mouth.

“This is an international organization,” Dr. JJ advised. “She may very well answer you in Russian and you would have no idea whether she was saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’”

“Good point,” Agent Red whispered back, just as the guard returned.

“Please have a seat, gentlemen,” the guard said. “The director general will be with you momentarily.” With that, the guard punched the elevator button and quickly disappeared behind its doors.

The two agents sat down and waited until called to come forward by the receptionist.

“The director general will see you now. You have thirty minutes before his next appointment,” said the receptionist. She then nodded to a guard standing by two large double doors.

“She speaks perfect English,” Cade whispered.

“They all do,” Dr. JJ replied, getting a nasty look from Cade as the two passed the guard and entered a spacious office.

“Welcome,” said Hebreyesus, approaching the two men. “I hope you don’t mind, but I have invited Mr. Bates to sit in on the interview. He may have more information than I as to the article you seek.”

“Ve are grateful for presence,” growled Cade, while Dr. JJ looked at him, perplexed by his attempt to sound Russian.

“Good. Please have a seat and let’s get started,” Hebreyesus said, as he moved behind his desk, where Bates was sitting just off to his right.

“Ve vould like to use recorder, no?” Cade again growled.

Hebreyesus glanced over at Bates, who nodded in agreement. “That is fine, gentlemen,” the director general acquiesced with a slight wave of his hand.

“Gentlemen, I am Dr. Yevgeny Pushkin,” Dr. JJ quickly cut in. “I have been asked to sit in because of my familiarity with the subject. Our first question is, do you believe bioweapon innovation is being done, and if you suspect so, do you think Russia is doing it?”

The director-general turned to Bates, who chimed in, “We only anticipate bioweapon research could be done. For that reason, we held an event to set clear guidelines on how to deal with such a catastrophe, should it happen.”

“Should such a pandemic arise, it would be worldwide and require all nations to be informed,” Hebreyesus interjected. “The information presented at the event, Mr. Bates mentioned, is wholly public.”

“Yes,” said Bates. “A video of the event was sent to the Kremlin and other governments around the world. We want everyone to be prepared for such a disaster, should it occur.”

“Zen you do not know of countries doing zis?” Cade inquired with a thick accent.

“Not at all,” Hebreyesus said, again glancing at Bates.

“You used coronavirus as an example,” Dr. JJ offered. “Is there a reason why a SARs virus was used for the demonstration?”

“Our collaborating scientists said its spike proteins would be the easiest to manipulate for gain of function,” said Bates, squinting as he narrowed his focus on JJ. “It was used merely as an example.”

“The event then focused on the response to this gain-of-function virus, not who did it or where it came from?” Dr. JJ queried.

Bates hesitated, choosing his words carefully. He then described how advanced nations could join forces in creating treatments, such as vaccines, to combat the virus.

“Countries, like mine, would have to lift certain restrictions on pharmaceutical companies to develop these treatments rapidly for dissemination under emergency authorization,” Bates continued. “However, we have the technology.”

“Vot is zis technology?” Cade cut in.

Bates then gave a run down on messenger RNA research, public cooperation, and the need for tighter population controls.

“Would it not be possible for these measures you speak of to be used to force and augment the intended purpose of this perceived bioweapon?” Dr. JJ said, leaning forward in his chair and locking his eyes on Bates.

“This would all be done for the good of the masses,” Bates assured, again narrowing his eyes as he spoke. “There could be problems, and adjustments would have to be made. But understand that these bioweapons are a form of warfare and collateral damage would have to be expected.”

“Yikes!” Cade barked, temporarily slipping from his attempted accent. “Zis sounds like disaster!”

“That is exactly what we are trying to prevent, or at least know how to combat,” Hebreyesus cut in. “Mr. Bates and his associates only want the world to be prepared. This was only an exercise.”

Bates nodded his approval of the director-general’s remark.

“You say you know nothing of who might engage in such behavior,” Agent Red said. “Perhaps Chinese?”

“No, not the Chinese,” Hebreyesus continued. “They deliberately sent a delegate to the event.”

“The Chinese have the largest population of any nation,” Dr. JJ said. “One could say it is overpopulated, if you will.”

“Are you implying the Chinese would do this against their own people?” Bates responded, leaning forward as he spoke.

“I am not implying anything,” Dr. JJ answered. “But wondering if diplomacy would not be a better means of diminishing the threat, similar to what was done with the nuclear threat.”

“We’ve been speaking of bioweapons here,” Hebreyesus interjected with a smile. “This could apply to any pandemic outbreak, such as Ebola, HIV, bubonic plague, etc. Let’s not try to start World War III here.”

“Much to think about,” Cade said, abandoning his accent once again.

“Yes, it is,” the director-general responded, still smiling as he stood up. “I am sorry gentlemen, our time is up. Please give our regards to Vladimir, if you will.”

Hebreyesus escorted the “journalists” to the door and bid them good day. Bates remained seated, watching them as they departed.

To be continued …