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COVID 666: Hong Kong’s Science Park_Part 8

by | Dec 15, 2023 | Pandemic, Public Health | 0 comments

Ignoring his new watch, Agent Red rolled out of bed early, thanks to an old-fashioned “wakeup call” from the hotel’s front desk. After a quick shower and meticulously dressing for the occasion, Cade knocked on Dr. JJ’s door.

“Join me for breakfast?” Woodrow asked the doctor, who had been up and dressed for at least an hour.

“I’ve been waiting patiently for your invitation,” JJ responded. “I was not sure if I was going to have to wake you or not.”

“My juices are flowing again,” Cade responded. “Things around the Manor were getting boring. Now, we may be onto something.”

After a hearty breakfast, Hong Kong style, the two men returned to their rooms to rehearse a bit before heading downstairs to catch their limousine ride to the Science Park. JJ made certain his fellow agent had a good grasp on the name Mohmed Katari. The doctor was pleasantly surprised with how responsive his fellow agent seemed that day.

“Ahh, good day, gentlemen. Dr.’s Katari and Brown I presume?” the limo chauffer remarked as the two men exited the hotel and approached. “It is my pleasure to be your driver today. Please allow me to seat you.”

The chauffer sprang to the back door and opened it as JJ climbed in and settled back into the soft leather of the vehicle. The driver then pushed a button that opened the door on the opposite side of the limo. He then closed JJ’s door and escorted Cade to the other side and ushered his entrance.

Once on the road, the men said nothing and turned their attention to the Hong Kong landscape as it passed by their respective windows.

“Excuse me, good doctors,” the driver called out. “Please retrieve small headphones from door interior next to you and put them on.”

Cade looked over at Agent Gray with a puzzled look. They both shrugged, as they both slid the headphones on over their ears. Once in place, they heard a voice.

“Woody, JJ, it’s me, Agent Blue. Please listen carefully to what I have to say. This is a closed circuit that cannot be overheard or tapped,” the voice continued. “You will meet a Dr. Wang Tran at the Science Park. He is one of us. He will fill you in on the details of your further assignment. It gets a bit deep.

“Woodman, please rely on Dr. JJ to handle the details. Your assignment is as a medical doctor and JJ is the virology scientist. That gives you an out should anyone question your role in this. You are making this journey to edify your medical practice and JJ to get in-depth knowledge of what we suspect the Chinese Communists are doing. JJ has the brains and A-Red; you know what to do. You are the Manor’s best action agent, besides me, that is.

“That is all. Good luck.” The headphones then went dead.

Cade cast a glance in JJ’s direction, as he removed his headset. The two men continued riding in silence until the limousine pulled into a parking lot bordering a massive complex of buildings and structures of exquisite architecture. The driver electronically opened both back doors and made his exit to assist.

“It is a long walk, but elegant,” the chauffer said. “Pass by fountain and under the pedestaled auditorium to main entrance. There you will receive guidance to your destination. I will be here waiting when you have concluded your visit.”

The two agents took in the massive sights of the park as they proceeded toward their destination.

“Do you suppose our driver is actually KC in disguise?” JJ asked, keeping his voice low.

“Hard to tell,” Cade responded, in kind. “I guess that’s what makes him valuable. Best action agent besides him, ha, now that is a laugh,” Cade muttered to himself.

To be continued …