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COVID 666: Back From Visiting WHO, Part 5

by | Nov 9, 2023 | agents, international, meeting, Public Health | 0 comments

Following their interview with World Health Organization Director-General Tag Hebreyesus and tech company billionaire Phil Bates, Agent Red, Woodrow Cade, and Agent Gray, Dr. JJ left WHO Headquarters and climbed into their limousine waiting to take the two “journalists” back to the Hotel Les Armures.

The two men sat back in their seats in total silence, but looked at each other with slight smiles that said, “I know what you’re thinking.”

The agents gazed out the window of their luxury vehicle at the amazing scenery of Switzerland as it passed by. Whether driving through the countryside or down one of Geneva’s busy streets, each visual experience resembled a picture postcard.

There was a soundproof transparent barrier between the two agents and the driver, but there was no assurance their cabin was secure. It could well have been bugged for listening, recording, or both. Keenly aware of such hazards, the two men settled for the company of their own thoughts.

As the limousine pulled into the unloading area of the Les Armures, the two agents waited until the driver opened the doors on each side of the car. After exiting the vehicle, the men silently entered the lobby and took an elevator to their floor.

They nodded to each other as each unlocked adjacent doors and entered their separate accommodations.

Woodrow heard scratching coming from behind the drapes that covered the glass doors leading to his balcony. He instinctively retrieved his Glock 19 from his locked valise. As the scratching continued, he quietly approached the drapes and prepared himself mentally for what he would find behind the curtain. When ready, he yanked back the covering to expose a window washer scraping cleanser from the outside glass with a squeegee.

Embarrassed by his suspicions, Cade thrust the curtains closed. When he turned to retreat, there was a knock coming from the balcony. He moved to the edge of the drape and pulled hard on the curtain’s drawing cord. He was greeted by the window washer’s smiling face and a credential signifying the employee was Agent Blue.

With an offended expression, Cade unlocked the glass door and slid it back.

“What now?” Woodrow asked.

“So, what did you learn?” KC responded.

“We’re all going to die, so what else is new?” Cade snarled, as he took a seat on one of the twin beds in his room.

“That isn’t new, but I need details, not misguided opinions,” KC admonished.

“Better call in Dr. JJ. He can answer specifics better than I,” Cade said, looking up at his fellow agent.

KC moved to the private door connecting Dr. JJ’s room and knocked. After a moment, JJ opened the door with a look of wonder as to why he was being greeted by the window washer.

“It’s Agent KC,” Woodrow called out. “It’s another one of his disguises.”

“Well done, KC,” JJ remarked, as he passed by the agent and entered Cade’s room. “What’s up.”

“I need to know what you learned at WHO Headquarters,” Agent Blue answered. “That information is imperative for my work.”

Dr. JJ looked at KC for a moment and said, “It’s bioweapon fear.” JJ shifted his gaze to Agent Red as he spoke. “I get the distinct impression one is either being developed or has been developed.”

“By whom,” the masqueraded agent quizzed.

“We don’t know,” Cade responded. “Neither Bates nor Hebreyesus knows. Apparently, it’s just something Bates thought necessary to hold a seminar in New York to prepare for it.”

“I would say it is more than just apparent,” KC said. “Knowing Bates and this World Economic Forum as I do, I would say it is a reality.”

“Then why haven’t we, or the WHO, heard of it yet?” JJ inquired.

“The world isn’t ready for it,” KC answered, trading glances with the two agents.

“I don’t understand,” JJ replied, with a quizzical look.

“You don’t understand,” Woodrow chimed in, “and you’re the doctor. How do you think I feel? I’m the one who’s going to have to follow up on this.”

“It is my belief that Bates was in the director-general’s office to keep him from saying something he shouldn’t,” KC continued. “Have you heard of the Great Reset?”

“I’m familiar,” JJ answered.

“Great Reset!” Cade interjected. “I have trouble resetting this damn digital watch I have to wear.”

“It’s a plan for world domination by friendly fire, if you will,” the agent of disguise offered, giving Woodrow a slightly disgusted look. “A plague can come from anywhere, like the Black Death that ravaged Europe in the 14th century. There’s no one to blame, just a horrible disease killing a third of the population.

“The key is,” KC continued, “that those who survive will be forced to trust in those responsible for the threat to their survival. I would guess that plan is already underway, as well. Event 201 was not an exercise for fantasy computer games.”

“So, you feel what Bates and Hebreyesus were talking about was not about some imagined asteroid striking the earth but how to prepare for something already in motion,” JJ exclaimed.

“That about sums it up,” KC cautioned, handing JJ and Woodrow two airline tickets for the following day. “I’m sure Atoz will be anxious for the details and to give you your new assignment. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have a few more windows to wash.”

With that, Agent Blue stepped out on the balcony and disappeared over the ornate guardrail, leaving the two agents looking at one another in wonder.

“Well,” Cade began. “I guess we’d better start packing.”