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Placer County School Boards: Parents rights- Who is Fooling Who?

by | Nov 15, 2023 | drag show, Education, Kids, RUSD | 0 comments

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Over the last several months several Placer County school boards have drafted and voted on policies requiring district staff to share any changes in students sexual identity with their parents – usually within 48 hours.

WUP staff attended the 9/6/23 Rocklin Unified School Board (RUSD) meeting where a ‘parents rights’ policy was adopted 4 to 1 (Trustees Price, Hupp, Saathoff and Counter For/ Trustee Sutherland Opposed).

WUP staff also attended the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Board meeting on 9/14/23 where the board voted unanimously to adopt a similar policy.

In both cases Rocklin teachers, LGBTQ allies and a host of Orc’s and Hobgoblins gnashed their teeth and howled at the moon in response to the new polices.

Picture of an unhappy teacher to the left


Video with audio below

Sitting in the board meeting the WUP team was shocked to gain some understanding of a key piece of information that appears to be misunderstood by both sides: Federal Law and Federal Courts have final jurisdiction what has become known as ‘parents rights’ because most parents rights flow from the US Constitution.

As a ‘Federal Law’, state laws- even laws from the home of the Orcs and Hobgoblins– cannot override them. Please review Wake Up Placer’s article “RUSD 9/6 Board meeting: Video showing Rocklin Teachers’ Union ‘Bad Teachers’” for a discussion of some of the issues that teachers and the state of California are not sharing. Its important to understand these issues because the California state laws that the teachers in California are relying on to defend the idea that they can keep secrets from parents wont survive challenges in Federal court.

Teachers, who attended the board meeting, barked at board members asserting that Federal Laws and California State laws prohibit discrimination, harassment, or intimidation of any group for any sexual persuasion. The Orcs, Hobgoblins and teachers shouted that Education Code Section 234.1 and California State laws attached to AB 1266 protect students’ rights to be what they are and teachers rights to withhold a student’s conversations about the students sexual identification from the students parents.

Cooler heads (adults) began to speak up and guide the discussion, pointing out that when kids are in elementary school we dont let them pick their lunch plan- or walk home alone, so why would anyone allow them to keep from their parents discussions with a school employee about changing their name or their gender? Changing a name or gender is a more complex effort than filling out a lunch plan form – or – walking home alone, so parental support before their kid takes actions like these would be a requirement.

Teachers (and some Hobgoblins) countered with concerns that it was the sharing of a LGBTQ kid’s gender that causes parents to abuse their child.

A question (again from the cooler heads) asked if abusive parents would only abuse their child once the parent learns of their child's new gender? Orcs and Hobgoblins agreed as its common knowledge that Orcs and Hobgoblins randomly abuse their kids for no reason at all.

The Cooler heads extended this line of reason and shared that if the groups believed that a parent would abuse their child before a child changed their name – wouldn't these parents already be abusing their kid? It seemed obvious to all that abusers are abusive at all stages of a relationship.

The cooler heads plunged on with their argument and suggested that teachers, who are mandatory reporters and trained to see signs of abuse, would obviously see any abuse and being mandatory reporters would report the abusive parent to Child Protective Services.

The Orcs and Hobgoblins looked at the teachers in disgust and asked “When is the last time a teacher did their job and pointed out any Orc or Hobgoblin who abused their kid?” The teachers were silent and started sneaking out of the room.

At that point the Orcs and Hobgoblins had to admit that the teachers were making this issue out to be far worse than it really is and they followed the teachers out of the meeting.

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