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Take Our Border Back Convoy- what should it mean to you?

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Above: Video of the WUP Truck – on Patrol in Northern California.

NOTE: This article was not written by writers associated with Take Our Border Back

The mission of the Take Our Border Back convoy is to spearhead a movement that unites individuals from diverse backgrounds, all driven by a peaceful expression of their love for the nation and a shared commitment to safeguard its borders.

This gathering serves as a testament to the potency of unity and the capacity of citizens to assert their opinions in a peaceful manner. Participants are echoing a collective frustration with the decisions made by regional, state, and federal governments, which, in their view, have failed to establish a legal framework that should have prevented the influx of illegal immigrants the US has seen over the last 3 years.

Citation: Epoch Times from JANUARY 2023: Illegal Immigrants refuse to leave New York City Hotel for new shelter citing poor conditions

Current projections from the Congressional Budget Office underscore the alarming reality that approximately 6.2 million illegal migrants have entered the U.S. since 2021. Extrapolating from these estimates, the nation could witness a total of 9 million illegal migrants before the conclusion of 2024. These figures underscore the urgency of addressing and fixing the existing gaps in the immigration system to ensure the security and prosperity of the United States.

Breitbart: CBO: Biden Admin Has Released 6.2 Million Illegal Migrants into U.S. in 3 Years, Often Through ‘Parole’ Loophole

While there are many reasons to resist the idea of open borders, one that is often missed is the cost to the migrants.

Estimates for the amount of immigrants sent to New York City vary, but 100,000 is a number that is within the range of accepted reports.

The current population of New York City stands at around 8 million.

Using a best guess of 100,000 illegal immigrants coming to New York City – these immigrants have added approximately 1.25% to the city's overall population. This increase has caused the City of New York to demand an extra $5b to $10b from the United States Federal Government for their 2024/25 budget.

Epoch Times: Despite NYC Mayor’s Severe Warning, Illegal Immigrant Mega Project Goes Ahead

For the fiscal year 2024, the annual budget for the City of New York is set at approximately $107 billion. A city press release shares that the budget is designed to invest in the future of the city, particularly for students, seniors, and the working class, all while maintaining a substantial reserve of nearly $8 billion. This press release also shares notable allocations within the budget, which include; $47 million for addiction treatment programs, $3 billion for total school aid, and $102 million for the repair of local roads and bridges.

The city’s request of an additional $5 to $10 billion from the U.S. Federal Government to provide services to the 100,000 illegal immigrants means that New York City is seeking a budget increase of around 5% to 10% – to address a population increase of less than 2%.

$5 billion divided by 100,000 is $50,000 per immigrant. Based on New York City’s budget- a family of 4 immigrants would receive $200,000 in government services.

If this relatively modest increase is causing significant challenges for the City of New York, how can other states be expected to absorb similar- or even larger influxes?

Mark Levine- New York City Budget problems in SUMMER 2023 (tweet)

With the current U.S. population estimated at 330 million, an increase of 9 million illegal immigrants translates to a population increase of approximately 2.7%. Does this imply that cities across the nation should expect billions of dollars in support from the U.S. government? Should a small number of cities get to force the nation to go into debt to cover their policy choices? Do we have any more ink to print money for this need?

In addition to the budget challenges, the illegal immigrants are currently housed in situations that do not meet their needs. In response to the housing provided by New York City for the illegal immigrants, they have been compelled to go door-to-door to obtain food and other necessities.

In response to community concerns to the immigrants’ foraging- New York City has implemented a curfew at four of its migrant shelters. The curfew, effective from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., currently applies to around 1,900 migrants, and their are plans to expand it to other shelters.

New York Daily News: Mayor’s office moves to create curfews for migrant shelters

The decision to impose a curfew follows reports of migrants panhandling and knocking on doors in nearby neighborhoods. This press release shares that the city is grappling with the substantial financial strain due to the influx of migrants and has projected an estimated cost of $12 billion by 2025 if the current migration pace persists.

New York City officials are actively seeking increased support from federal and state governments to address this growing crisis. Take Our Border Back is trying to explain to Americans – and to the illegal immigrants- that we cannot take any more right now.

Yahoo News: Even the Sanctuary cites are fill. Mayor shares that New York City was full and has no room for immigrants in January of 2023- yet no action taken to slow immigrants entering the country a year later?

What do we do? Call your local paper, your local pastors, local elected leaders and local business leaders and share that you are concerned. Ask like minded folks to do the same.

You, by yourself, don’t have to convince anyone. We all just need to make a good- but loud- noise.

As James O’Keefe shared- they cannot stop us all.

Please watch this video from James OKeefe- its attached to a tweet and shares thoughts on how to speak out.