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IMMIGRATION: Are You Sure You Want to Come Here?

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Immigration | 0 comments

Non-citizens are flooding across our southern border by the thousands, amounting to millions since Big Daddy WarBiden took office. In the past, illegal immigration was considered illegal. The federal government was commissioned to regulate these illegal crossings by stopping it.

Like Little Orphan Annie, Big Daddy WarBiden decided to take illegals in with open arms and give them just about anything the taxpayers could provide. So loving was the administration that it actually sent emissaries into Central and South America to encourage this migration.

Was this out of love or was it something else? One could say it was out of love – the love of power. Democrats are dearly hoping these illegals vote Democrat, keeping the Democrats in power. Now, among the illegals coming into this country are folks who really would like a slice of the American Dream and do not expect to get it for free, like Big Daddy WarBiden promises. Why? because even these people seeking a new life know that dream is not free.

In the past, many have been given a temporary pass to come into this country and work. Many have done so and know the work is hard but the rewards were far better than what hard work got them in the country they left.

Many eventually became naturalized citizens and continued to contribute, which helps the dream to stay alive.

Here’s the rub. Big Daddy WarBiden’s benevolent actions are destroying the very dream you came here to enjoy. Call it whatever you want, but if the United States is destroyed, where will you go next? Coming across with the hopefuls are murderers, rapists, lethal drugs, thugs, diseases, spies, and even terrorists. Consider this, we, citizens of the U.S. are not getting the benefits Big Daddy WarBiden is offering you. In fact, we are paying for it.

Does this make sense to you and is that what you came here for – to destroy the dream you imagined was here?

Yes, America has been prosperous and we have been generous in helping other countries less fortunate. But can a generous country in decline continue to do so? That is a rhetorical question. Those benefits you have been receiving are disappearing. You’re just not being told that. Big Daddy WarBiden’s Washington, D.C. cartel is going broke. Its debt is so great it is reaching a point where it cannot even pay the interest on its loans. So, do you want to come here and be a part of that?

Inflation is rampant, COVID is proving to be a gigantic lie, climate change is only real in Washington, and they want you to eat bugs. Big Daddy WarBiden is destroying our energy and demanding we use solar panels and windmills to heat and cool our homes. Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t always shine and the wind doesn’t always blow (except in Washington, D.C.).

So, just as a suggestion, if you are given the privilege to vote you might want to pull that handle for change. Because it won’t be long before change is all Big Daddy WarBiden will have to give you. Welcome to America – what’s left of it.