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What is not said in polite conversation about teachers’ unions in Placer County: Teachers think that student information can be withheld from Parents

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Recently, Tucker Carlson interviewed David Horowitz. Mr. Horowitz is a historian and a political commentator. He grew up on the east coast of the United States in a family of card-carrying communists. After a turbulent youth, Mr. Horowitz changed from a communist to a conservative.

This interview has several ideas that folks in Placer County need to discuss.

During the first 5 mins of the interview, Mr. Horowitz points out that Republicans are poor defenders of the country because they are poor messengers. He shares that Democrats lead in part because they have strong messengers. However, he adds, that the worst cities in the US are run by Democrats and while the injustices there are horrid, Republicans are too polite to mention them in public conversation. They are poor messengers.

As an example, he asks us to look at the riots that occurred a few years back where large swaths of places like Minneapolis were destroyed.

He then changes topics and shares his thoughts on the United States’ struggle with slavery. While its worthwhile to listen to his thoughts on slavery his thoughts on slavery are not as important to Placer County as the topic he starts discussing at about 9 minutes and 30 seconds into the interview.

Mr. Carlson asks what motivates the Democrats to destroy the cities they manage?

Mr. Horowitz’s response is that they are driven by a fantasy of a perfect world. Mr. Horowitz goes on to describe the Democrat’s perfect world as one that has no racism, no homophobia, or poverty. He extends this thought by stating that if you believe that you could create this world, you would take any action to make that happen.

Mr. Horowitz points out the beauty of the dream of communism led his family to want Joseph Stalin, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, to win the cold war. While they were nice folks, the nobility of their cause made them devastating political combatants. They would do anything to nurture their dream.

As an example, Mr. Horowitz pointed out that as a young man he was willing to help a member of the United States intelligence establishment commit treason by publishing secret United States government documents. His hope was that by helping publish these documents, he could help the Soviet Union win the Cold War.

This is the same Soviet Union that killed about 20 million of it own citizens pursuing dreams of perfection. Only the Chinese Communists have killed more of their own citizens in their pursuit of a dream world.

Table sharing deaths by regime below – the United States IS not on this list (neither is Placer County). Table taken from Reason magazine- url here:

How does this interview link to Placer County?

Earlier this year we learned that the Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ’s mission effort, known as the Landing Spot, created a relationship with 10 high schools, in 3 high school districts, in Placer County.

For three years the church had been recruiting boys to dance burlesque on stage, for tips, as a fundraiser. The tips the boys received for ‘burlesque dancing’ were used to pay for the boys to go to the church’s’ summer camp. This arrangement went on for three years until some folks protested and shared that it’s a bad fundraising idea to have high school boys dance on stage in burlesque style clothing, to raise money via audience tips.

Based on comments we have received at Wake Up Placer we want to point out that the Rocklin Unified School District DID NOT have any relationships with the Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ, the Landing Spot, and their innovative, youth drag show fundraiser.

Wake up Placer would like to thank the Board of the Rocklin Unified School District because they chose not to have relationships with the church and its mission effort. Residents in Rocklin should also thank them. Links to Wake Up Placer articles that share the schools that did participate, and more information about the issue, can be found at the bottom of this article.

Over the last few months, several Placer County school boards, led by the Rocklin Unified School District Board and the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Board, have taken action to ensure that teachers are communicating with the parents of any child they teach.

Both districts passed policies that require district staff ensure that if a child changes their name, or takes actions that can be seen by all members of the school community, their parents are informed of the action.

Why do teachers get to yell at their board and parents? Can you threaten your boss?

A result of these Board policies is that the teachers’ unions’ presidents from both districts have publicly condemned and denigration their School Boards.  Encouraged by the vilification of their Board by their union leaders, many regular teachers are also verbally assaulting their Boards.

Wake up Placer has collected video from some of the school board meetings and would ask that you review them.  If you agree with the teachers’ union that they should withhold information that is shared about their child with all other members of the school community, please let the district, and teachers’ union know that you that see that action as wise.

If, however, you think that teachers should not be able to withhold information, like a change of your child’s name or sex, that would be known by the staff and students at your child’s school, perhaps you could call your school district and let them know that you support the School Boards’ actions.  It would also be important that when you call the school district, you also share that you think the teachers’ union presidents are wrong, and silly, and you will not support pay raises for teachers when their current contract ends.

If you are not a parent, but you pay taxes that support the school, its important that you also comment.

If we don’t stand up and say something soon, we will lose the ability to say anything later. Teachers unions are powerful things.

Descriptions of the videos follow- and links to them are found on the article’s webpage.

Video one: From September 2023 Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Board Meeting; Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Teacher’s President Mona De Arcos, threatens the school board with rhetoric that California State law bars the School Board from taking action to force teachers to tell parents that an elementary school child wants to change their name or sex.

This woman does not understand the role of the United States Federal Law as it supersedes California Laws. Wake up Placer created a review of the interaction between California State Laws and Federal Laws on this issue and you can find a link to that review at the end of this article.

Video two: Also from the September 2023 Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District Board Meeting:  A fellow teacher in the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, emboldened by her union’s president’s actions, shared that since Americans have a long history of abuse, so teachers won’t share any information about students with parents.

Its an important fact that the Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District teachers teach elementary school kids. Most elementary school kids cannot pack their own lunch.

Video three: Rocklin Unified School District September 2023 Board meeting: Rocklin Teacher’s Union President Travis Mougeotte, threatens The Rocklin Unified School Board because he and his teachers are allies to LGBTQ students. This video is long but its worthwhile to understand his argument.

Video four: Emboldened by the teachers’ union, about 300 folks from outside of Rocklin showed up to threaten the Rocklin Unified School District Board.  An example of the folks that came to vilify the School Board was a fearless cape wearing speaker who railed on the board for 2 minutes. Out of town folks verbally assaulted the board from about 6pm to 3 am the next day.

These four videos share that there are folks who are willing to fight for their dream.  Wake Up Placer is reminding the community that if you disagree with that dream you need to speak up and support your school board.

Ways to be heard include:

Calling your local newspaper: The Gold Country Media Group – they own the city papers in Auburn, Rocklin, Roseville, Loomis, and Lincoln.

John Love, Publisher | General Manager | Phone: 916-774-7939 | Email:

Calling your school district:

Rocklin Unified School District | p (916) 624-2428 | Rocklin teacher’s union president’s name is Travis Mougeotte

Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District | P (916) 770 8800 | Dry Creek’s teacher union presidents name is Mona Dearcos

Wake Up Placer EXPECTS anyone who calls to be polite and peaceful.  We also hope you will be firm.

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