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Voting Integrity: Dominion Over All

by | Aug 15, 2023 | Government | 0 comments

Has Shasta County cracked the veneer of potential voter fraud in California by voting to do away with Dominion’s electronic vote-counting machines in favor of doing it by hand? Don’t think that hasn’t red-flagged Democrats in this crystal-blue state.

One of the supporters of this decision was newly-elected supervisor Kevin Crye. Shortly after the vote, a cry went out to impeach, sorry, make that “recall” Supervisor Crye.

Most of the following is an online courtesy report of the situation by NPR.

The vote was put forth by board chair, Patrick Jones. Apparently he and Crye are – wait for it – conservatives. Horrors! Since it was a 3-2 vote to dump Dominion, the two dissenters had to speak out, and got personal support from the deputy secretary of state, Susan Lapsley. Lapsly lamented that not only is it hard sitting through a board meeting, but it was even harder to sit at a table hand-counting ballots – oh, the inhumanity!

One of the more “open-minded” supervisors complained that hand-counting was too expensive. When Crye said he’d already secured financing through (that scoundrel) Mike Lindell’s legal defense team that other “open-minded” supervisor cried out to Crye, “You’re trying to save the county money by putting it up for sale.”

It must be pointed out that the price of beautiful Shasta County being the cost of a hand-count is one heck of a bargain. It makes one wonder what the Left paid for it?

But don’t think Governor Gavin Newsom is going to take this lying down – no, sir.

Assemblymember Gail Pellerin (Dem) leaped on the bandwagon to pen AB 969. The Digest of the bill reads as follows:

This bill prohibits an election official from performing a manual vote count in any contest in which there are more than 1,000 eligible registered voters unless certain conditions are met and as specified. This bill also prohibits a jurisdiction that administers elections from terminating a contract for an existing certified voting system until the jurisdiction has a plan to transition to a new voting system and a new contract is signed, as specified.

Wow, wait until the Feds get hold of this one. How long before Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy puts this up for auction? Don’t expect any of those House members who opposed McCarthy’s confirmation to bid on it.

Now, if Newsom were an honest-to-goodness representative of the people, shouldn’t he have said, “Let Shasta County do this hand-count one time and let’s see if it makes a difference. If it does, maybe Jones, Crye, and (ahem) that other conservative supervisor have a point.”

We’re still waiting.

Northern California has a reputation for being disgruntled malcontents and have even tried to break away from Sacramento and form a new state. It’s to be called the State of Jefferson, or some other such racist, bigoted name. But Southern California will have no part of it – it’s the water, stupid.

One has to wonder why that blessed liquid always fall on the north end of the state but, as the song goes, “It never rains in Southern California.”