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POLITICS: If Not the GOP, Then What?

by | Nov 25, 2023 | Communism, Government, Marxism, Politics | 0 comments

A change has come over left-wing television pundit Bill Maher. He appears to have inched a step or two to the right. Nothing dramatic, understand, but it’s as if he’s actually using common sense. In a discussion with Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile, Maher told the stunned lefty that Joe Biden cannot win the 2024 election. When Brazile protested, Maher commented that it wasn’t that the cognitively challenged Biden couldn’t do the job, it was that he could not beat Trump – horrors!

Maher then went on to endorse Biden's challenger Democrat Dean Philip, a congressman from Minnesota. If Philip does not ring a bell when it comes to name recognition or in the arena of accomplishments, Maher explained that the obscure candidate had the ultimate thing going for him – he’s a Democrat.

While Republican folks are still scratching their heads over how Trump lost to Biden in the 2020 election, and the GOP barely took control of the House in 2022, the Democrats have no such delusions. But there is a big difference between Republican and Democrat voters.

All a Democrat voter needs to see is a “D” by the candidate’s name to secure his/her checkmark. The same holds true for some Republican voters when seeing an “R,” but that voting trigger does not ripple throughout the GOP as it does for Democrats.

Where Democrats need only a warm body as a candidate, Republicans expect far more. A Republican candidate who doesn’t appeal not only won’t get the vote, but the voter may not vote at all.

For conservatives, it is very hard to discern what is appealing about a Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or John Fetterman-type candidate. What favors Democrats is the ability to hate. Somewhere along the line, hate became a powerful tool for the Democrat Party – not just in hating Republicans – but hating the country as well.

In a primary, Republicans will go to great lengths to determine which GOP candidate they prefer and that usually involves a process of elimination. Instead of responding to the candidate with the best message, they respond to traits they don’t like. If the candidate eventually chosen isn’t one they like, they refuse to vote in the general election.

For that reason, many former Republican voters now register as independent and not as Republican. Some states still have closed voting restrictions, requiring a voter to be registered with a major party to participate. This helps prevent crossover voting but also keeps non-party-affiliated citizens from voting.

With 60 percent of the population now holding to the suspicion that election integrity has been compromised, the situation is even worse. Efforts to ensure vote-count integrity have been stalled, altered, or rejected altogether.

The Election Integrity Partnership put together by the Democrats to supposedly investigate election fraud has predictably done the opposite. What the EIP does is censor claims of fraud or label them as misinformation. It is not a stretch as to why the GOP is behind the investigations and the Democrats oppose it.

So, what can the GOP do to win elections? There would have to be a change in the culture of the country or at least in the GOP. Even before World War II ended, Marxists and Communists were hard at work subverting the United States.

Using cunning and Marxist methods, they compromised local governments, schools, and organizations using America’s freedoms as a tool against it. It took 80 years to get to where we are today, and we don’t have 80 years to turn it around.

The GOP has also been infiltrated, perhaps not by Marxists and Communists, but by leftists. Conservatives, including Christians, will have to devise a better plan than did the Marxists and Communists before them.

There may still be time. But where once we won the day with minutemen, the U.S. may not have a minute to spare.