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MOVIES: Dinesh D’Souza’s “Police State”

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Government, Law Enforcement, Movie Review | 0 comments

As the principles of democracy, and more accurately a republic, deteriorate in the United States, it’s a relief that some immigrants, like Dinesh D’Souza, remind us of why America is so important to the world. After releasing “2000 Mules” showing us how fractured our election system is, the filmmaker now brings us “Police State.”

The premiere is next week, October 23-27. The website is There is a trailer to watch and where to find a theater to view the movie. It will be playing at the Blue Oaks Theater on Lone Tree Blvd., in Rocklin, 6:30 and 7 p.m. both Monday and Wednesday.

A virtual, online, version will be available Oct. 27.

You can also watch an interview of D’Souza with podcaster Eric Metaxas at

The engineered victory of Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the election of 2020 began a downward spiral for this country. We immediately plunged into the COVID-19 crisis tasting tyranny in this country, perhaps affecting this generation for the first time. There have been other crises, but following D’Souza’s library of films we can better understand the gravity of this one.

Our history has taken us through a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, world wars, and now a battle for our collective souls. Considering what Biden (whether figurehead or administrator) is dragging us through compounds each day.

Biden helped make the drug companies rich by attempting to mandate a bogus vaccination for an ill-defined disease. The negative side effects of that debacle are still being felt. His election also crippled the Second Amendment when a protest in Washington D.C. was orchestrated into an “insurrection.” People associated, even remotely, with the protest are still imprisoned, not likely to be pardoned unless the Democrat machine is crippled in 2024.

Biden then turned billions of dollars of military hardware over to the Taliban in Afghanistan, which promptly sold the ordinance to countries like China and Iran. For all we know, some may have gone to Russia to aid its invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine is a country Biden exploited during his vice presidency under his “buddy,” Barack Obama.

Since taking office, Biden has done his best to kill fossil fuel use in this nation, while other countries, like China, are stockpiling it. However, he hasn’t figured how to keep enough to fossil fuel to power his mandated electric vehicles. Windmills and solar panels cannot generate enough energy to do that, not to mention the staggering cost of lithium batteries in both currency and scarce elements – courtesy of China.

There remains a glimmer of hope that Biden’s inflationary spending won’t be allowed to break the USA’s economy, but that’s fading fast. Republicans actually have the majority in the House of Representatives but are shamelessly squandering that advantage. It’s unfortunate that we have GOP representatives who refuse to install a conservative as Speaker of the House.

One needn’t look further than the persecution and prosecution of former President Trump to know the police state and Deep State are real. Polls indicate he would beat Biden in the 2024 election and the efforts to remove Trump are on full display.

Like Wake Up Placer, D’Souza’s films attempt to warn U.S. citizens of the grave danger we are in. What is missing is what to do about it. The grassroots efforts to take back our schools and local government are a step in the right direction – if it is not too late.