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GOVERNMENT: Onward Christian Conservatives

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Elections, Government, Politics | 0 comments

Stunned by the House of Representatives election of Rep. Michael Johnson of Louisiana as Speaker of the House, many on the Left are staggering around glassy-eyed groping for a shred of progressivism to hold onto. Although very little has actually changed, the fear of a paradigm shift in politics has reached new heights.

Those who thought the oft-repeated phrase that the United States was founded upon Christian principles would never be heard again are now in a state of shock. It’s akin to a doctor emerging from the delivery room to announce, “Congratulations, your wife just delivered a Bible, and here it is with Jesus’ quotes written in red ink.”

If Alec Baldwin were not being brought up on charges of manslaughter, he would again be packing his bags to leave the country, which he still might do. Left wing media pundits are desperately seeking Louisiana mud to sling at Johnson but are coming up empty handed. They’re saying the selection of Johnson could go down as the worst catastrophe since the election of Trump.

Meanwhile, as pro-abortion mobs set fire to the Supreme Court Building, and LBGTQ fanatics raid school boards in search of overprotective parents, those with cooler heads are taking in a breath of long-awaited fresh air. They’re fully aware that the railroad tactics from the left will continue to roll along unabated.

If we examine what it really means to have a Christian conservative as the head of the House, we’re likely to find such outrageous things as reading bills before they’re voted on; actually cutting the budget instead of cutting the annual increase and claiming it to be a budget cut; or, telling the president he cannot declare war with an executive order.

What would be a pleasant surprise is for Congress not to try and legislate morality. There are not a lot in that body who could define morality, much less codify it. Or, maybe consider their constituents before lavishing illegal immigrants with taxpayer dollars. After all, it’s the House’s responsibility to control government spending and not just ask the president, “How much?”

We’re aware of Trump’s efforts to bring some semblance of sanity to Washington, D.C. Although he was able to expose much of the corruption there, it was too great for one man to overcome. Johnson could be in that same situation.

We need to pray for Johnson because he’s going to have to be shrewd in how he performs as the Speaker. He cannot use his gavel to bludgeon good sense into House members, but with God’s help he can reopen a pathway to constitutional government.

The Biden Administration has taken Washington about as far left as the American dream can tolerate. With help, perhaps Johnson can steer the nation back to government of the people, by the people, and for the people. By re-establishing integrity in our voting system, we may even get statesmen into the Senate, and by God’s grace, in the White House.