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ELECTION 2024_If Not Trump, Then What?

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Government, Politics | 0 comments

As former president Donald J. Trump continues to march through the Republican primaries and his much-ballyhooed competition falls away, the pundits are making their play to keep him out of the White House.

Dean Phillips, Congressman from Minnesota, has entered the Democrat presidential primaries opposing Joe Biden. Phillips has been keeping an eye on Trump wondering what he has that appeals to so many Americans.

"All of them so frustrated that they feel nobody is listening to them, except Donald Trump." Phillips said of Trump’s supporters after visiting one of the former president’s campaign rallies (Taylor Durden/ZeroHedge, Jan. 25). "My party is completely delusional," Phillips continued, adding "And somebody had to wake us up, and if that’s my job, so be it."

Although Phillips lost handily to Biden in the New Hampshire Primary, where the President never showed up, Phillips has supported all of Biden’s policies. So, one has to wonder, what does Phillips think his party has to wake up to?

Didn’t Biden win by a 4.5 percent margin over Trump in 2020, garnering 81 million out of 155 million votes? It was a record turnout when you compare it to George W. Bush’s victory over Al Gore in 2000. Those two drew nearly 100 million voters to the polls that year.

What is interesting, while Trump and Biden pulled in 65 percent more voters than Bush and Gore, the population of the country grew by only 20 percent over that same period … huh? Talk about your popular candidates, the only thing missing during that campaign was … Joe Biden.

What Trump did accomplish during his tenure was to expose the Republican Party for what it’s become – the silent branch of the Democrat Party. When Joe Biden says Republicans are a threat to democracy, that used to be correct. Democracy is mob rule, and republicanism is representative, but it’s getting harder to tell who Republicans represent.

Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois, who fled the party because of Trump, said “This party cannot be reformed, cannot be fixed. It’s on the track it’s on. I don’t see, in my lifetime, it getting off this track,” as reported by Naill Stanage/The Hill, Jan. 23.

Stanage went on to report Republican strategist Susan Del Percio’s comment, “The (Republican) party needs to burn to the ground and rebuild itself.”

So, what are those (deplorable) 75-million Trump supporters to think when they see “Republican” by a candidate’s name on the ballot? Who’s really off the rails here?

What Phillips experienced at the Trump rally were people he referred to as “Every single one of them thoughtful, friendly, hospitable.”

How deplorable can anyone get?

Is Phillips being sincere? When it comes to describing Trump supporters, he is, but he would not say the same things about Trump.

In truth, it appears that 75 million Americans voting for Trump concerns Democrats. Are they truly afraid they won’t get half the country back to the polls in November, like they did in 2020?

My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell, is tirelessly campaigning against Dominion voting machines. If his efforts succeed, would that spell doom for Biden, the Democrats, and D.C.’s Republicans?

Phillips would like to see Biden out on the campaign trail more, but why? Biden didn’t do that the last time and won.

Trump isn’t just another presidential contender. If elected, the blue bourgeoises would be in a state of meltdown. Trump might try to end the Deep State, close the border, balance the budget, and stop the spending in Ukraine.

The party in Washington D.C. may be nearing its end. The country’s credit card is maxed out and many feel that if November doesn’t bring change, fate will.