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COVID 666_Beijing_Part 10

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Government, Politics, Public Health | 0 comments

Woodrow Cade and Dr. JJ climbed aboard the airliner departing Hong Kong for the three-hour flight to Beijing in mainland China. They had instructions to take the airport shuttle to the China World Summit Wing Hotel in Beijing. After checking in they were instructed to wait for word from an agent identified only by the code related to them by KH in Hong Kong.

On their way to the elevators, Cade spotted a sign that read “People’s Republic of China Welcoming Service.”

“Hey, that must be where we meet up with our contact,” the agent said to JJ as they passed. “Come on, let’s see if our contact is there.”

“I think we’re supposed to wait until she contacts us,” Agent Gray said.

“I’m anxious to get this show on the road,” Agent Red muttered, as he turned to go through the door marked “Welcoming Service.” “I’m tired of waiting.”

“I advise against it,” JJ said, following behind Woodrow as he strolled into a small office lobby where a woman was behind a semicircle counter leafing through some pages.

“I hear the cherry blossoms are spectacular this time of year,” Cade blurted out to the woman, feeling smug with his clever paraphrasing of the code.

“Sorry?” the woman said, looking up from what she was doing.

“You know, the cherry blossoms,” the agent repeated, a little exasperated at the woman’s coy answer. “You here to see cherry blossoms?” the woman asked.

“Dr. Brown is very fond of cherry blossoms,” JJ cut in. “He was just curious if there were any around the hotel.” JJ cast a menacing glance at his companion.

“Sorry, no cherry trees in this area,” the woman said. “But many in other places around Beijing.” “Appreciate it,” JJ said. “But the doctor and I are here on business. We don’t have time to sightsee. Sorry we bothered you. Come on, Dr. Brown.”

JJ grabbed Cade’s arm and led him out of the small lobby and over to the hotel elevators. “What are you trying to do, blow our cover?” JJ quizzed under his breath.

“I was just trying to hurry things along,” Agent Red responded, as the elevator doors opened. “She was a long shot. No harm done.”

“Let’s hope not,” JJ replied, somewhat annoyed with the overanxious attitude of his partner. The two filed into the elevator, called out their floor number and soon they were entering their room. “We don’t get separate rooms?” Woodrow queried. “Atoz is getting cheap.”

“My guess is, we won’t be here for long,” JJ remarked. “Otherwise, I would have requested separate rooms.”

“Gee, thanks, partner,” Cade shot back. “What is it? My deodorant.”

“Are you saying you use deodorant?” JJ barked out, with a laugh.

“Very funny,” Cade started. “I’ll have you know …” just then there was a knock at the door. “Room service,” a voice called through the door of the hotel room. “Complimentary gifts from the China World Summit Wing Hotel.”

Agent Red opened the door and a uniformed hotel employee brushed past him and placed a basket of snacks on the hotel dresser.

She turned and said holding up a small flower, “Miharu Cherry tree blossoms this spring.” “Cute, but I’m not big on flowers,” Woodrow responded, eyeing the basket. “It is my favorite time of the year in Fukushima,” JJ spoke up.

“Good, it is you,” the woman of Chinese descent said, looking at the two agents. “You are doctors Brown and Katari, I presume?”

“At your service,” JJ said, as Cade sized up their visitor.

“I thought I’d better get up here when I discovered the girl at the welcome service mentioned a strange encounter with two men matching your descriptions.” The woman said. “I am agent CD. Please have a seat and I will give you the details of your assignment.

The two men selected a chair and plopped down while CD leaned back against the dresser.

“I assume you have heard of the gain-of-function research being done under cover,” she started, as the two men nodded. “We have discovered that is likely going on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Hubei Province. It is our belief they are working from materials sent to them from Major University in USA. Such work is prohibited by U.S. law so preliminary experiments were sealed and sent here. “I have two train tickets for you departing tomorrow. Take what luggage you have but what else you need will be waiting at your accommodations, the You Jian Inn. Nice place. “You will have separate rooms with full wardrobes provided. Permission has been granted for doctors Katari and Brown to visit the lab. How much you will be able to find out is up to you.”

“How long do we have in Wuhan? Cade asked.

“Pretty much as long as you need,” CD answered. “However, you will find airline tickets in your respective rooms. They are good anytime, which is good if you are in a hurry to leave. Good luck.” “Is that it?” JJ questioned.

“That’s all I have,” CD replied. “You will be on your own to learn as much as you can. Help yourselves to the snacks.”

“Thanks,” Cade muttered, reaching for a bag of Chinese Chips. CD quietly exited the room. “Well, gear up for a long train ride,” Cade quipped, tossing a chip in his mouth. “This should be fun.”