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The Jones vs. The Norris: A Tale of Two Families, Two Incomes, ONE With TOO Many Worries

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Budgeting, Dave Ramsey, Dry Creek Joint Elementary School District, Education, Norris | 0 comments

Pictured: Chuck and Hope Norris- with their daughter – out for the day.

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In the quirky neighborhood of Californication County, there exist two families living parallel lives – the Jones and the Norris. Both families boast a mom, a dad, a boy, and a girl, earning a modest $50,000 a year. However, as we review the Jones's lifestyle, it's clear that the Magic 8 ball they use to make budgeting decisions is stuck on 'Hell, yea! DO IT!'

Let's begin with the Jones, a family whose financial strategy seems to be as effective as a screen door on a submarine. Karen and Brandon, the parental units, drive electric vehicles, proudly boasting a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. They don't realize that their impact on the world's environment is costing them their financial future. Their kids, Karen and Brandon Jr., might as well be playing a game of 'Follow the Overspending Leader.'

Despite making $50,000 a year, the Jones manage to spend $65,000 annually, leaving them swimming in their own swimming pool of debt that is about the depth of the Pacific Ocean. Their debt might just be the next great attraction for deep-sea divers.

On the flip side, we have the Norris family, where Hope and Chuck seem to be doing a better job at adulting. Chuck drives an old truck that's been around longer than the concept of the farm. Hope cruises in a used SUV, embodying the true spirit of a mother who keeps her family in motion.

The Norris family, with their $50,000 income, has managed to avoid the perilous pitfalls of credit card debt. They're not just avoiding it; they're treating credit card debt like a contagious disease – and following Dave Ramsey's stellar advice as best they can by fleeing debt like a bird flees a fowler.

Now, here comes the plot twist – the Jones, in a moment of desperation, approach the Norris family for a $15,000 loan. Hope a women who can do math- askes “Why would you lend money to someone whose response to spending money is- YES I will take a 4th helping?” The Norris family, wise beyond their years, shuts down this request like a car door in a hurricane. After all, in the financial comedy that is life, the Jones family seems to be a living embodiment of the punchline: I spend therefore I am.

As the Jones contemplate a life without the luxuries they've grown accustomed to, the Norris family sits back, sips their budget-friendly coffee, and chuckles at the irony of it all.

Folks, remember you need to focus on how you spend your money, because if you don't, the joke will be on you, but you won't be able to laugh at it because you will be groaning under your ocean of debt.