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Parents Rights: Christians Are People Too

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Education | 0 comments

Is it now clear why the Left eschews school vouchers? Is it possible to support diversity while demanding that one size fits all? Parents should not have to fear sending their children to a public school.

There is a greater dichotomy here than Right vs. Left, the problem is a division that promotes exclusivity over discourse. Shouldn’t all citizens have a voice?

In light of comments made when a local school board trustee called for “Christ-centered” parents to volunteer for a committee, we thought we might run through some changes that have taken place in public education over the years.

There was a time when sex education was not taught in public schools. But because school-age girls were getting pregnant, it was thought educating them as to why they were getting pregnant would help reduce teen pregnancies. Somehow that idea morphed into how to have sex and how to do it safely.

When that didn’t reduce teen pregnancies, birth-control pills became the campus contraband. It was wise for sexually active girls to use the pill, but not to let Mom know. However, nosey Moms have a way of finding out things and calling out the schools.

The schools answered, “The sex education ‘you wanted’ failed. The alternatives were either The Pill or abortion, and since we can’t seem to make you happy, we just won’t tell you.”

After the Bible was kicked out of public schools, teaching abstinence as a form of birth control became an afterthought. Since teachers and administrators are not all atheists, another method had to be developed to deal with those annoying Christians – attack the curriculum.

When Christians took a back seat in school district meetings and school board elections, that opened the door to make changes.

The current model of history was too racist, so black studies were born, along with gays in history, as well. The sciences needed tweaking too and Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” was championed. Never mind the fact that John Scopes lost “The Monkey Trial.”

Civics was replaced by diversity when being a good citizen was considered too jingoistic. But diversity wasn’t limited to race, it also stretched over to LGBTQ, and no better place to start than elementary school.

Diversity means inclusive but this morphology in education has been all one-sided. Studies have shown that the ideas of the many outweigh those of the few – even if the many include Christians. The bias against Christianity closely followed the demise of the Bible and prayer in schools. Adhering to the church/state demagoguery, the church backed off and the state took over.

Ironically, ever wonder why high-ranking politicians send their kids to private schools? Do they not like what’s being taught in public schools today, while denying vouchers to parents who cannot afford private schools?

Let’s look at how far public education in America has come over the past 50 years? Are America’s public school children smarter today?

At the present pace of education, the odds that the space fantasy “Star Trek” will be a reality by the beginning of the 22nd Century are slim.

The U.S. landed men on the moon as far back as 1969 and landed a rover on Mars in 2021. Since then, America has stood by while other countries have surged ahead.

Not everyone wants to be a rocket scientist or an astronaut. But it should come as no surprise that these changes in public education have done little to enhance future success.

Einstein once said, “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.” Education should be neither lame nor blind; excluding one does not validate the other.

Darwinism requires as much faith, if not more, than Christianity.

“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” Romans 1:22