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POLITICS: On the Horns of a Dilemma

by | Jul 4, 2024 | Campaign, Confusion, Discernment, Elections, President | 0 comments

Now that the cards concerning the duties of the President of the United States have been laid on the table, the results are proving far more dramatic than winner takes all.

After attempting to prevent a legitimate Republican president from fulfilling his responsibilities while in office or preventing the same from getting elected to a second term, the Democrats now have a mess on their hands.

Without going into the details of how Joe Biden defeated incumbent Donald Trump in 2019, the Democrats are now faced with a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. As president and his party’s choice for re-election, Biden’s obvious problems have convinced a majority of Americans that he is not up to the task. His poor performance during June 27th’s debate with Donald Trump did little more than put a rubber stamp on that point.

Losing a debate is one thing but apparently, for the Democrats, losing an election is a catastrophic event. Former Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich, now running as an Independent, said the 2024 presidential campaign is between two men – Biden and Trump. Speaking to Will Dean on Fox News recently, Kucinich said these two men are America’s legitimate choices to be the next president.

In 1800, it was believed that the transfer of political power was simply a matter of Constitutional Government. That was demonstrated when our second President, John Adams, when losing a hotly contested election, turned over the Oval Office to Thomas Jefferson and walked away. Although Adams was reported to say “(Jefferson) has talents I know, and integrity, I believe; but his mind is now poisoned with passion, prejudice, and faction.” Despite that, Adams had faith enough in the Constitution and a government that is still functioning 224 years later – but for how much longer?

Anyone with integrity knows Trump did the same thing in 2020 and should also realize that the 45th President left the country in pretty good shape. However, one would think the election of Trump for a second term would be the death of this nation. For Democrats, Biden was their greatest hope – until now.

So, the man who selected Kamala Harris as his running mate is now faced with the following scenarios: refuse to take a cognitive ability test and continue running, or step down and turn the reins over to Harris. Harris, on the other hand, could gather the cabinet together and oust Joe under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment.

And the real elephant in the room isn’t Trump, it’s the Biden Administration.

Biden is supporting a war in Ukraine, flooding our border with non-vetted illegal immigrants, arguing with Israel while that ally fights with Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, and trying to control runaway inflation. Are those simply exercises for a man mentally challenged or did he cause them?

One has to wonder if a country that makes its politicians rich, and its gentry rich enough not to care, even matters anymore. We have come down to a party that thinks the other would destroy our democracy and one that appears to be doing it.