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A trifecta of harms? Why would someone in Georgia care about the Rocklin School Board’s position on anything?

by | Sep 23, 2023 | censorship, Child trafficking, Discernment, High school, Kids, RUSD, School boards | 0 comments

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In the aftermath of the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) board's vote on September 6th to adopt a policy requiring parents to be notified within three days of a student "requesting to be identified as a gender other than the child’s biological sex or gender," something extraordinary occurred. Coverage of the event broke the World Wide Web, capturing the attention of media outlets across the U.S.A. (Note: You can review the RUSD policy via a link to the District’s web site that we included at the end of the article)

OK- While it didn't quite shatter the World Wide Web, RUSD's decision sparked an internet frenzy, capturing the attention of media outlets as far away as Michigan and Georgia! The Rocklin School Board’s vote created roughly 12 pages of google search returns- which suggests that most of the rest of the US was having a very slow news day or someone was trying to raise money using the RUSD’s vote as clickbait. WUP has added screen shots from our google search to this story to highlight what appears to be a verbal/media attack on Rocklin’s school board.

The articles, from across the U.S.A., drive two narratives:

Divisive Transgender Policy: One revolves around characterizing the school board vote as creating as a "divisive transgender policy." These articles drive the idea that California State Law creates an expectation that school staff can keep conversations private from their parents. Notably they do not mention the idea that there are Federal Laws that govern and guide student/school/parent interaction.

Attacking a Board Member because she is open about her Christian faith:

Another narrative that is being driven by the ‘Google box media’ is that it was horrid that a RUSD Board member shared on her social media page that she would like Christians to join RUSD school committees. Ironically – no churches in Placer County seem to be commenting on this issue. It would seem that Churches would protect the idea that Christ Followers should join public committees- but that has not happened yet.

Both narratives beg the question: How much political money can be raised off this much fear porn?

A quick review of the ‘internet media storm’ creates concerns that should be discussed by the community. Two of them are: (1) That that Placer County churches are not standing up for Christ followers and (2) That media outlets as far-reaching as Michigan and Georgia are attacking the RUSD.

The overwhelming majority of these articles asserted that the RUSD board's policy was not only bad but also potentially illegal under California state law. The concerted effort by media outlets painted a bleak picture of the RUSD's approach to student gender identity issues. Is this a fair assertion?

While the media called the RUSD policy dangerous and divisive, US Federal District Court Judge Roger Benitez disagreed. In September the Judge’s motion blocked Escondido School district policies that keep students discussions from parents- because they cause a ‘trifecta of harms’.

His well reasoned argument outlines how California's new laws and policies requiring teachers to withhold information from parents are not legal and cause harm.

WUP hopes that the Placer community will review the RUSD policy and compare it to the general media coverage – and come to their own conclusions.

RUSD’s 9/6 vote changed Rocklin Unified School District Policy 5020 – by adding item 21 and can be reviewed here:

The general idea is that if a student requests a change in their status, district staff needs to inform the parents. The Board wisely included a 48 hour review period that provides protection if the district perceives this could harm the student.

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