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COVID 666 Part 3_Geneva Bound

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Book | 0 comments

Woodrow Cade (Agent Red) pulled his wheeled luggage a few paces closer to the airline ticket counter, as a family of four departed for the terminal. He was busy reading his ticket for Geneva, Switzerland, more for something to do than verifying information. However, he did see his code name was Muksim Kuzmin. Before long, he was approaching the airline employee who was confirming reservations.

The agent noticed the airline employee was wearing circular, black-rimmed glasses. He immediately envisioned her removing her glasses before climbing into bed to reveal a stunning librarian-type beauty otherwise hidden behind spectacles.

As she reached for Cade’s ticket, he noticed the 18-carat rock on her left hand and immediately wondered what her husband thought of those glasses.

“Please place your luggage on the baggage platform, Mr. Kuzmin, and proceed to terminal 21A,” the employee announced, as she rapidly scanned the information on the agent’s travel voucher.

After retrieving the ticket, Woodrow headed toward the escalators lifting passengers up to the second level. The agent scanned the lobby and spotted Dr. J. James (Agent Gray) taking his place in the same line he had recently vacated. With his eyes still on the doctor, Cade stumbled as the escalator jettisoned him onto the second floor. Slightly embarrassed, he reached up to straighten his tie hoping no one noticed his clumsy exit.

After validating his boarding pass in the terminal waiting area, the agent looked up to see JJ walk past to finalize his departure requirements. The doctor then sat down in the seat just behind Agent Red, facing away from him.

Cade raised a newspaper in front of his face and said, “You board first and keep the seat next to you vacant. I’ll board late to make it look like that seat is the first one I found available. Look out the window and say nothing when I sit down.”

On board the plane, the doctor only had to wave away one potential passenger, while keeping the seat next to him unoccupied. Woodrow dropped into the seat nonchalantly, buckled his seatbelt, and waited until the craft was airborne before acknowledging JJ.

Woodrow pulled a magazine from the pouch on the back of the seat in front of him and thumbed through it. Using the magazine as a shield, he leaned over and pushed a card into the pouch in front of the doctor and retrieved a brochure. He replaced his magazine and began perusing the brochure.

Dr. JJ retrieve the card, which read: “You are Dr. Yevgeny Pushkin. Next to you is Muksim Kuzmin. You are both Russian journalists assigned by Gazeta Hayka Magazine to interview World Health Organization Director- General Tag Hebreyesus. You may now introduce yourselves to each other and shake hands.”

Dr. Pushkin, at your service,” JJ said straight faced, while extending his hand.

“Privet,” Cade responded, exhausting most of the Russian he knew. “Muksim Kuzmin.

After that, the two fell silent as the airliner’s jet engines propelled the craft toward Geneva.

To be continued …